Friday, 24 April 2015

Happy Real Nappy Week!

Why not find out more about real nappies and get your hands on the free £40 real nappies voucher for Tower Hamlets parents? Here's where:

Tomorrow is the NCT Nearly New Sale at Swanlea School, 31 Brady Street, E1 5DJ. Open to all 10.30-1.00. I will be running a real nappies info stall alongside all the stalls of lovely bargain baby stuff. Come along with your questions and look at some sample cloth nappies.

Tuesday 12th May is the next Tower Hamlets Nappuccino at Whitechapel Idea Store, 10-12. Find out all about real nappies and get your free £40 voucher.

My Real Nappy Week wish is that all parents are given the information they need to choose the nappies that suit their family's needs. At places like antenatal classes, children's centres, GP surgeries, health visitor clinics - wherever we get told about other baby stuff. 

Even better, real nappies should be presented as a normal choice in all those places. At the moment, disposables are often presented as the only option - meaning parents are spending something like an extra £1000 from birth to potty, for each child! How many of us can really afford this? 

If it becomes easier to find information about cloth nappies (and the great incentive schemes that lots of councils run, like the £40 voucher in Tower Hamlets) then I think a lot more more parents would opt for the much cheaper, much greener option of cloth.

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