Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Reusable wipes!

If you are using real nappies then it's no extra work to throw a few wipes in the wash too. Reusable wipes are fantastic because:

  • they save lots of money
  • they clean better than throwaway wipes (fabric is stronger but softer, texture picks up more)
  • they're better for the environment
  • no harsh chemicals on your baby's skin - use either water or a cleaning solution of your choice
  • flexible uses, wet them as needed to use as wipes, or use them dry
  • throw them in the nappy bucket and wash with your nappies

For ease I bought a pack of ready-made wipes with a flannel and a smooth side, helpful for cleaning options. But you can either use a pile of cloths/flannels or easily make your own.

For cleaning solution, you can use plain water or make up your own from the many recipes online - this site gives a formula and several options. I use a mix of chamomile tea (soothing for skin) with a little sunflower oil and castile soap. Some people store pre-wetted wipes but I find it easiest to have a bottle of cleaning solution on hand (one in the house, one in the nappy bag) and just spray the wipe, or direct onto baby's bum or whatever I'm about to clean.

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